Swiss UK Rolex Submariner Ref.124060 Replica Watches Black Dials For Men

Without any doubt, Submariner is absolutely one of the most important sport watches in watchmaking industry. Now it has even been considered as the symbol of status. Now the new Rolex Submariner fake watches have caused a heat in watchmaking industry. While comparing the new Submariner with old edition, which one do you prefer?

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Rolex Submariner Replica With Black Ceramic Bezel

I think many people will tell that they can’t tell the differences between them, just like me. But fact, the new generation Submariner has changed a lot, instead, these changes have been hidden in the details.

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Steel Bracelet Fake Rolex Submariner Ref.124060

Firstly, the diameter of steel case Rolex Submariner fake watch increases from 40 mm to 41 mm. While the 1 mm can’t been recognized easily.

Secondly, the size of lugs has been changed too. It has been increased from 20 mm to 21 mm.

Thirdly, the movement that drives this 41 mm Rolex imitation watch has been upgraded to Cal.3235, which provides 70 hours power reserve.

But the elements on the dial and bezel haven’t been changed. That’s the reason why many people tell that Rolex has never changed at all. However, whether the price of such a popular is low or high, it will be very difficult to get.

New UK Rolex Submariner Replica Watches With Extraordinary Automatic Movement For Men

Each year the new models of Rolex have always been a hot topic in watchmaking industry. In fact, several months ago, many watch lovers have predicted the new models that Rolex will launch. At the beginning of this month, we have eventually seen the new watches of Rolex. Comparing with the colors of bezels and dials, these three points should be attached more importance.

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Black Dials Replica Rolex Submariner
  • 41 MM
  • Cal.3235 Automatic Movement
  • Narrow Lugs
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The expansion of the diameter is an inevitable trend for aesthetic changes, casual clothes and even user groups.

From all aspects of technology, the new Cal.3235 automatic movement looks more charming and extraordinary. It provides 70 hours power reserve.

Comparing the old editions, the new Submariner with narrow lugs looks more harmonious.

Striking Color Matching Of New UK Swiss Rolex Submariner Replica Watches In 2020

After half a year’s waiting, we have finally seen the new watches of Submariner. This time Rolex releases eight different models for people who have different tastes. In addition to the change of appearance and movement, the colors of the new Submariner have been updated too.

1, Green Bezel, Black Dial

We know the last generation of green Submariner is with black dial and green bezel was launched in 2003. Many loyal watch fans are familiar with this new Submariner. It will take place of the Submariner ref.116610LV with green dial and green bezel.

The color-matching of black and green is striking.
High Quality Copy Rolex Submariner

2, Blue Bezel, Black Dial

This eye-catching diving watch is crafted by white gold, which features a black dial and blue ceramic bezel. This is also new color matching. The last generation of blue Submariner is with blue dial and blue bezel.

The blue Submariner is crafted by precious white gold.
Blue Ceramic Bezel Copy Rolex

Although the new generation Submariner is released, you will find that it still maintains the classic appearance design. All these watches look similar. Without any doubt, the new Submariner will become one of the most popular diving watches.